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Current Colossus Bets Offer - £100 Matched Free Bet

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Become a new customer at Colossus Bets by using the Free Betting Online promo code - FREEBETSWELCOME - on the registration page and you can claim a free matched bet up to the value of £100!

Once you become a customer of Colossus Bets every bet you place within a 72 hour period of your first bet can be claimed back up to a maximum of £100.

Click on the big link below to claim your free £100 matched bet with Colossus Bets and don't forget to enter the promo code FREEBETSWELCOME on the registration page...

Understanding how Colossus Bets works!

The first thing you'll notice about Colossus Bets when you become their latest member is that it is unlike other sports betting websites - that's because Colossus Bets is actually a pool betting site.

Punters must correctly predict the scores of 7 featured games each week - once done choose your stake per line from 20 pence to win £1,000,000 or the maximum of £2 for the chance to win the big jackpot prize of £10,000,000.

Punters at Colossus Bets also have the unique opportunity to "cash-in" their pools line at Colossal Bets. This allows you to "cash-in" winning lines of your coupon and you'll get to keep the offered amount no matter the eventual outcome of your bet.

Colossus Bets offers the "cash-in" functionality at the end of one match in a pool and the start of the next one. Sometimes the "cash-in" opportunities are also available at half time in selected matches - so keep your eyes peeled!

Watch the video to better understand Pools Betting!

You might be new to Pools Betting and sometimes it is easier to see things in pictures to get a better understanding on how things work. That's why Colossus Bets has made this video to show you just how simple it is to get started with Pools Betting and win those life changing prize amounts.

Customer Support for Colossus Bets

Contact Colossus Bets via email at or their freephone customer support line on 0800 404 9529 or via their enquiry form within the Contact section of their site.